​Sexual harassment is a violation of civil rights, subject to federal and state penalties.

Though a significant share of Americans are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, many don’t report it out of fear of retaliation, or worries their co-workers will make them feel ashamed by the experience and other concerns, experts say.

Thirteen percent of respondents to a recent HuffPost/YouGov poll reported having been sexually harassed by a boss or another superior, and 19 percent have been harassed by a co-worker other than a boss or superior. Of those who said they’d experienced sexual harassment, a full 70 percent said they never reported it. Inappropriate touching, comments, jokes and language are all possible sources of harassment and may be subject to legal action. Workplace relationships are held to high standards, and violation of those standards may result in serious penalties for those responsible.

Fines may be leveled, and compensation available for those who are the victims of unwanted touching or harassment in the workplace. If you feel that you are a victim of sexual harassment in your workplace, you have asked for it to be stopped and you have received no results, call us to discuss your options. You are not required to endure illegal treatment in the workplace, and you have a number of options open to you.


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Sexual harassment is unwanted touching, acting or speech that causes severe emotional distress to those who are the target of the harassment. Both federal and state law prohibit sexual harassment. It is a violation of civil rights. Historically, sexual harassment has been a prevalent but hidden phenomenon, with harassed individuals hesitating to bring up the problem for a variety of reasons.
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